Babaali Smart Cycle Helmet With Smart Glass and Rear View Assist features a rear view camera and a Smart Glass at the front of the helmet to provide Bicycle riders with a clear and unobstructed view of the road in front and behind you at the same time. With the screen it also can support map navigation, speed, communications and any other handsfree app features during the bicycle ride. With Bluetooth inside, it also support answer a phone-call or stream music from your smart phone to the helmet, Babaali also show others smart bicycle helmets that they are already selling on the market, one with built-in LED turn signal indicators, controlling the LED lights by wireless remote control to turn right/left, double flash and fixed stop signal light.


World’s first bike helmet with open-ear precision audio so cyclists can SAFELY Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet Safely tune in to your ride With LINX, you get a high performance cycling helmet + smart remote + app, wirelessly “This ‘smart helmet’ lets cyclists listen to music through their bones, not ears” -Geekwire.


DORA is an innovative bicycle helmet that makes bicyclists more visible on the road with built-in lighting functions and it protects the head of its wearer.
Built-in helmet lights are visible from all sides for highest visibility of the cyclist and they can be activated via a wireless control button mounted on the handlebar of the bike. The helmet has two turn signals – one on the left and one on the right side  – it has a head led-light and a red light on the back.


Hövding is an airbag cycle helmet, providing the best shock absorption in the world. The airbag also protects more of the cyclist´s head compared to traditional helmets.
The patented airbag inflates in a tenth of a second (0.1 seconds) in an accident and is fully inflated before head impact. Behind the product lie seven years of development, in partnership with experts on cycling head injuries, airbag technology, mathematics and crash tests.


Never forget your lights again with Lumos, a next generation bicycle helmet with integrated lights, brake, and turn signals. Its a new and innovative bicycle helmet that improves your visibility and ability to communicate to motorists around you while riding in traffic. Featuring turn signals and automatic brake lights that are built into the helmet,


The Sena Smart Helmet for Cycling is equipped with a fully integrated Bluetooth bicycle communication system and QHD camera. Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1 and communicate with up to three riding companions through the built-in intercom system, listen to music, make phone calls, and hear fitness data through the helmet’s high quality audio speakers